Landshut Brit's Cattery
Siberian Cats and Neva Masquerade
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After we have two cats of almost the same age who also have the same colors genetically, we decided to give our Landshut Brit's Donovan (born 03.03.2018) black-golden-tabby-blotched /white (SIB ny 22 09) the chance to act as a breeding tomcat.
Landshut Brit's Donovan carries dilution and colorpoint! Donovan has already proven his fertility, because he is the father of two litters.

If there are suitable offers, we are willing to give the cat to a breeder uncastrated, but not within Germany.

Otherwise we are looking for loving new cat parents who would like to give him a place as a cuddling cat

To cat lovers we give our former breeding cats neutered and with a current vaccination protection. In addition, the buyer receives the pedigree.

Since we know the nature of our cats very well, we can usually assess whether a single place or a multi-cat attitude is more suitable.

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