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Siberian Cats and Neva Masquerade
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As a veterinarian especially as an owner of a vet clinic it's not the question whether you have dogs and cats but only which breed and how much pets you have.

Because my wife grew up with cats and I only worked with dogs in my youth her job was to decide which cat breed we take. The children could tell us their wishes, too. Due to practical reasons shorthair was better than longhair, so the whole family agreed to a "Sheba" cat. After intensive searching we found a reliable breeder with available kitten so we could finally get a cute 3 month old British Shorthair kitten into our family.

After we had to neuter our BSH cat Dolly in 2009 a reorientation of our engagement in cats was necessary. Many long discussions and reading in a lot of books lead us to the Siberian Cat in the end.

After some litters with neva masquerade cats we expanded our colour varieties very fast so we are able today to breed as well classic Siberian cats colours as colourpoint Neva Masquerade cats.

Beside the breeding focus in the "golden" colours, we are breeding furthermore in the colours "silver" and "white".

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